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About TRIP


TRIP is a year-round fundraiser for Knox Christian School Society. It is a "win-win" model because you are earning money for the school and towards your own tuition costs by using gift cards to make everyday purchases without spending any additional money. Everyone is invited to purchase gift cards from the school – Knox families, businesses, grandparents, and friends!

How It Works

The TRIP coordinators submit monthly bulk supplier orders at discounted rates which create a net profit returned to the school.  Each of the retailers on our online ordering page or downloadable order form has a Profit % in the description which indicates the net profit amount.  While individual card profits may seem small, when many families participate TRIP has the potential to raise tens of thousands of dollars each year! Download our infographic to see how a family could maximize this program for both their and Knox's benefit!


For example: Metro/Food Basics = 5%. When you purchase a $100 gift card for Metro/Food Basics through TRIP, the school receives $5 while you are still able to spend the full $100 face value of the card. (Note: Profit percentages are subject to change without notice.) 

60/40 Split

When Knox families have filled out the yearly TRIP Registration Form, the net profits from that family’s purchases can be SPLIT and partially applied to their own tuition account.


For example: the $5 net profit from a $100 Metro/Food Basics card gets divided 60%-40%, which equals $3 to Knox CSS AND $2 to the named family tuition account.


The TRIP Registration Form designates one of three options:

  • Donating the full profit to the school to help reduce operating budgets for all families

  • Donating the SPLIT profit to another named family

  • Applying the profit to your own family tuition account

Payment Methods

Whether you are ordering online or using the paper form, the following payment methods are accepted:

  • E-transfer to (please use your Order ID as a note and if asked to set up a password, please use "Bowmanville")

  • Cheque made out to "Knox Fundraisers"

  • Cash or debit payment in person at the school office

Applying the Profits

TRIP tuition credits are calculated each fall, accumulating sale profits from the previous September to August. When you receive your tuition credit notification, you are invited to contact the Knox Financial Administrator to discuss how your credit is applied. Some families choose to reduce multiple tuition payments over the year, some reduce one payment in a lump sum, and others save up their credits for the future.


Note: since tuition credits are applied in the following school year of the actual sales, the “named family” must be in attendance to receive the profits you designated to them. Graduating families can request an early rebate calculation to reduce their June tuition payment.

Standing Orders

TRIP gift card purchases can be used as a wonderful budgeting tool.  You may choose to set up your order as a monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or one time occurrence. Note that you can make changes to your standing order at any time by sending the details through the Contact Us form or emailing us at

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